About the Author

A.J. Antony is a doctor who also happens to enjoy writing speculative fiction. He fell in love with writing at the age of eight has never given up creating stories since then.

Dr. Antony worked as a Medical Officer in the Rural Health Mission before he thought of getting back to the university to learn more specialized medical practice. On his way, he decided to throw a few books at the world. So he took some time out of his medical life and published a book.

His first novel, Jackson Kross and the Dragon Girl, brought him some loyal fans. Some of them asked for more, so he wrote a couple of “fan-requested short novels.” Moreover, he also writes exclusive stories for his readers via his email newsletter.

Dr. Antony believes in the concept of ‘Never leave a fan behind,’ so he keeps writing whenever he gets free time in his freakishly busy schedule. He also writes awesome stuff about himself in third person, this bio being one such example.

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