Jackson Kross and the Dragon Girl

A dragonrider’s quest to serve justice against all odds.

“A thrilling fantasy story” —Katie Cross, Bestselling and award-winning author of The Network series.

“Harry Potter meets Lord of The Rings! I loved every minute of this story.” —Amazon Reviewer

Jackson’s life was a mess. Abandoned by his parents at birth, he was raised as a lowborn and subjected to the noblefolk’s injustice. Moreover, he was a dragonrider with a dream to become a paladin. In the corrupt Sovereign Empire of the Otherworld, that’s too much for a lowborn to dream of.

But during a stay at London in the World-side, he is assigned to bring an orphaned girl named Shelly back to her family in the Otherworld. Upon their return, he finds his country in a state of fear. A renegade black magician named Tess’lah has risen from the dead and she will not stop until she crumbles the Empire.

Though Jack’s attempt to reunite Shelly with her family is partly a success, things turn sour when he enters his next quest at the Magical Assets Division. A relic to rule the world lies at stake. Jack must prevent it from falling into evil hands of Tess’lah. The only people who can stop it are Jack and his foster-brother wizard with a snarky apprentice.

Unexpectedly, Jack and Shelly cross paths again. But this time, Shelly is on a quest of survival. She falls victim to the injustice of the nobles and the only person who can save her is Jack. Finally, Jack feels like a real knight.

But when Jack discovers a well-guarded secret that could change the fate of both worlds, he’s forced to make daring choices between honor and justice, knighthood and treason–and above all, love and life. Will Jack survive this perilous quest?

The Dragon Girl has risen, and with her begins the War of Steel and Magic.

From modern London to a medieval Otherworld, this is an epic fantasy adventure of Jackson and Shelly in a world of elves and dwarfs, kings and knights, paladins and dragons.

Reader Reviews

“…While I normally read quickly, sometimes missing minute details, I forced myself to go back to the beginning and slow down. The details are beautifully woven through the background and the characters are so well developed, they pop off the page! This was such a welcome and invigorating change! I’ll be reading this again!”

—Erin, Amazon.com Reviewer

“The author is successful in building a world of his fantasy, with convincing storyline and matured characters. It’s a must read for anyone who still believes in the magic words can create!”

—Krishna, Amazon.com Reviewer

“This book had a Game of Thrones with a magic twist vibe to it! I haven’t read anything like it in a while, it was very imaginative! I enjoyed this adventure! Would recommend to any adventure/magical loving readers!”

—Michele, Amazon.com Reviewer

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